Friday, January 18, 2008

Giggles and Waffles!

Jackson loves to get his sister to laugh and Ava laughs at Jackson more than anyone else...she just thinks he is hilarious! Jackson's high chair at Grandma's house is right next to Ava's (best way to get three high chairs to fit!). Here is Jackson and Ava eating their breakfast...or at least that was the idea anyway. I could switch them, but really they are just too cute! Eating is not that important, right?


Wing & Alli said...

Jackson is such a good big brother. You can already tell he's going to take good care of his little Ava. He better be there to fend off those boys . . . like our William and Oliver :)

Larson Love said...

Meal time looks like a blast! Your kiddos are growing up so fast, but are as darling as ever!!!