Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Our little explorer

Oliver, hasn't felt the need to walk exclusively just yet. He crawls so dang fast that walking just cramps his style. He absolutly loves to explore outside and keeps up with his big brother without much trouble at all. I find him off on his own in the most random places too...he is just such a curious little guy and we can't get enough of him!


Shannon Harris said...

Wow Rachel! It's SO fun to see you all grown up with babies! (even though you are a little older than me!) It's been yrs since I've seen you and hope all is well! Shans (Lutz)

Arnow Family said...

your kids are so cute! I found your blog from a few others. It's fun to see your kids growing in pictures since you aren't here in Cleveland anymore! Hope everything is going well for you guys (looks like it is:-) you can check out our blog if you would like!