Saturday, December 27, 2008

Real updates soon..I promise

Ok, so I only have one new post (below). It is not too recent since the exterior is almost finished (the yellow stuff you see is the "rain slicker" that goes under the cedar shakes). We have taken more pictures (inside included), but I have yet again lost my cord to transfer new photos so I had to at least post something. Updates are coming, please don't give up on us. Things are just crazy busy since we are trying to finish the main and upper floors by the new year. Jacob has some time off of work for the holidays so things should happen fast. I am not so skilled in the "finishing" department, but I am the stainer/painter/cleaner, so any free time that I have is done doing those things. We hope you all had a Merry Christmas..we just wish we were closer to spend it with you. We love and miss you.

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eilsel said...

You live in a forest! I am so jealous! Your house is beautiful and I love, love, LOVE the location! We live in West Texas where the people are warm and the weather is great but NOTHING grows. Enjoy your beautiful forest!