Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bike day

Usually the bikes are kept downstairs in the unfinished basement, but every Thursday we have bike day so the kids can bring them upstairs. The kids love it. Oliver asks seriously every day if it is bike day. I love it too because it keeps them crazy busy for a lot of the day and I only have to maneuver around bikes for one day instead of seven. Yeah for bike day. (Ava is not supposed to wear shoes in the house, but she will sneak them on when ever she can get the chance, she adores her "butterfly boots")


Heather Jeppsen said...

Don't you love little girls and all the fun things they come up with to wear together? She might be like Jackson and his boots. I think the bikes might be doing more damage to the floor than shoes!

Steph said...

We had an unfinished basement that saved my life when we lived in Iowa. The stairs came down the center of the "room" and the kids would ride their bike around and around for half a day. They find so much fun in the "little things" at that age. Enjoy it while it lasts because they grow up way to fast!