Sunday, May 10, 2009

This is serious stuff

I thought I would share some photos of jackson's diving night. The night kicks off with Jackson helping get the babies bathed and ready for bed. All the kids then come in to mom's and dad's bathroom to start filling up the tub. It takes a bit of time so there is a lot of running around and laughing and yelling (because they love how loud they sound in the bathroom). It's then bedtime for Oliver and Ava and show time for Jackson. He dives for about and hour and a half with the majority of the time under the water. He is getting quite good. He only pops up every once and a while to say something to dad and then it is back to business. He is either catching sea animals or taking their pictures just like the divers do in the documentaries that he loves. He wraps up the night with a later night snack with dad, his choice (which always ends up being a treat cereal). He so looks forward to Wednesday nights.


Becca Sue said...

What a fun idea!

Shelli said...

That is so cute! Great pictures. Miss you!

Jonathan and Rachel said...

What a fun mom you are!! I will have to remember this one ... where'd you get the "animals"? Such cute kids! I love em'!!