Wednesday, July 21, 2010

our little "alfalfa"

I had to document this sweet do that this darling kid sports daily. Since he still has a strong relationship with a certain two fingers (he has been sucking his fingers since he was only a few months old!) and if mom or Ava's hair isn't close by to twirl with his other hand, this section of hair is a great substitute. As a result, it is in a constant state of , well, straight up! I am honest to goodness going to miss it when he stops this cute little habit. I love this little guy!


Steph said...

Zachary does the same thing. He has a little bald spot where he rests his fingers while twirling. I caught him the other day following Colbie around with her little pony tail in his hand.
He said, "Wow, Colbie, I never knew your hair was so soft!"
He is almost seven and his favorite thing to caress is one of his ladies' hair. Good thing there are four of us!

Shelli said...

love that boy!