Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Pink fingers and toes

I never really paint my nails because I cannot stand to have chipped polish and I can never seem to keep my nails pretty for more than a day and because of that Ava had never had an intrest because she has never seen my nails done. The other day, however, Ava saw a cute little girl with painted nails and toenails and she just had to have hers done too! She is hooked now and prefers pink, of coarse! Funny thing, though, Ava doesn't like chipped polish either so we have to re-polish often. Go figure.

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Heather Jeppsen said...

Too bad you don't live by me. It's a good thing you didn't see what my toes looked like last night before I took it off. If you use a base coat and top coat it will last longer. If you just use the polish like my mom does on the girls, you're lucky to get a few hours. It's alwasy off by the next day.