Friday, September 24, 2010

A mini Summer Recap

We started off this summer heading down to Utah for Uncle David and Aunt Nicole's Wedding (we LOVE her by-the-way). It was such a fun trip for us. We enjoyed spending time with family and friends. We also got the fun opportunity to have their Open House in our home with was a great privilege. I am kicking myself for not taking more photos. This photo is of the following morning after cleaning up. My great friend Shelli did all the flower arrangements. They were fantastic. She really has a gift! We had all kinds of yummy food and lots of friends and family to share it. It really was a great night.

Jacob did a ton of work on the house to get ready for the summer (pictures to follow soon...I promise). One of our favorites was getting our backyard fenced in. Until then the kids weren't even allowed back there due to the 10 ft drop. The kids and us parents for that matter LOVE having more freedom!

We can't talk about are summer without mentioning Maple Bay. We love it there. Jacob and I actually spent more time in the water this year because of this little number. Paddle Boarding! Who knew it could be so much fun!

We fell in love with Bright Angel again this summer. It is a place where the Koksilah River runs through. The river is shallow enough and moves at a slow enough pace which makes for literally hours of fun by these little people.

Centennial Park is a new place we found this summer. It is new and clean and has water features as well which = more fun! We spent quite a bit of time there as well.

All in all it was a summer to remember. Jacob was able to take ALOT of time off for paternity leave, six months to be exact! Yep that is right. I know I was spoiled.. seriously we love his job! It was just great to spend so much time with our little family. We feel incredibly blessed to have eachother (Cheesy I know, but it really is true!)


Becca Sue said...

I'm so glad you posted! I love catching up on you guys and seeing your cute kids! Miss you!

Brad, Rebecca, Jacob said...

Your house, the little I could see, looks beautiful! That's an awesome amount of paternity leave time. Glad you enjoyed your family this summer :)

Steph said...

Not cheesy at all! That is awesome that you were able to have him around for so long.
I think my sister in law had her reception at the same place in Utah that yours did. I took her pictures (7 years ago...) and the background looks so familiar! I think it was in Spanish Fork Canyon?
Is this the same Shelli who homeschools? If so she is very sweet. Tell her I said hello.
By the way, your hubby is ripped. Do you keep him strapped to the weight set? He he he...I had to go there. Love ya, Rach!

Jonathan and Rachel said...

What a fun summer and can't wait to see more fun pictures of your house! Love it!