Monday, April 11, 2011

Built in Prince Charming

Ava loves to be a princess (probably because she is one, just ask her!) She will often convince Oliver to be her prince and to marry her (she is certain that dancing together is the same as getting hitched!). He usually is a good sport and will do and dance just how she instructs. He loses interest a lot faster then she does however ( as evident in the last picture)! She often tells us that someday she really is going to marry a boy and Oliver will proudly announce, without hesitation, that he is that boy!


Jordana said...

Aaww, what are brothers for right? Jayna gets Kepler to do the same thing, I love it!

Becca Sue said...

So cute! It was amazing to see you and your cute family! we miss you already!

Tifani said...

Rachel it was so good to see you whole you were here! Even if it was from a distance!! Thanks for being such a great inspiration for Becca and I we sure love ya!!! Keep in touch!!
Much luv