Saturday, June 2, 2012

Big girls room!




Jacob has been working really hard to get the girls room done these last couple of weeks so Lucy could move into the nursery (she is a LOUD sleeper!). The room turned out fantastic! I have always wanted to try horizontal boards in a room and so Jacob made/cut them out of larger pieces of wood to save money and I think they look really great! Gwen loves her new big girl bed and has made the transition quite nicely (except she and Ava stay up rather late talking and playing!). We've had these wall lights for some time and they went perfect in their room. Now the girls have there own light to read from at night! The girls love their new room to say the least and I am excited to add some personal touches (including painting the ladder) to make their room complete!


The Coleman's said...

I LOVE IT! It is so adorable!

Martha Henderson said...

The man has skills. It's ridiculous. :). Absolutely gorgeous job, both of you!

Jonathan and Rachel said...

Wow ... wow and more wow! Love them and he does such a great job - maybe our Jacob will get some of those carpenter skills!