Friday, August 31, 2012

Telling stories of Grandpa Curtis and saying goodbye

Meet Jimmy

After Jimmy was first let go

Oliver could not control his emotions while saying goodbye

Ava with the flowers she picked out to place at grandpa's grave

Mom telling stories about her memories of Grandpa Curtis

Posing for a group photo, the sun was super bright can you tell?

Eating ice cream watching the cars drive by on the highway

So, this has become something we do as a family every time we come to Safford.  We visit Grandpa Curtis' grave and tell fun stories of him and enjoy a cold treat after we are done.  This time we decided to let go the horny toad the kids caught with their Aunt Becca (we had tried to care for it but after day two and it wasn't eating, so we felt it was time).  It was the perfect place.  It was a perfect morning.

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