Saturday, November 24, 2012

And then they were six...

The two of them right before the party began...can you tell how excited they were?!

The "boys" table

Lucy loving all the chaos! 

Oh Gwen...

The "girls" table

Auntie Emily made them each their own fancy cakes, they were thrilled to say the least!

I am amazed that these two are six years old today! You both bring so much joy to our family!  Thank you Oliver for your compassionate heart and your helpful attitude and Ava thank you for your sweet disposition, your creative mind and love for all things beautiful.  Life in the Ellis home would not be the same without you both.  We sure do love you!

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Becca Sue said...

ok...loving the one with Ava and her new lego set and Oliver sitting in the background looking like he just got jipped! Classic! Love you guys:)