Sunday, November 24, 2013

These two turned 7...

Oh man, are we ever crazy about this duo.  I think my favourite thing right now is the relationship that you to have.  You have always been close, but you really are special friends and I love it!

Oliver, you are such a sweet little boy and you have so much of your father in you which makes you even more special!  I love how you can't go to sleep without a good night kiss and I love how your favourite thing to do right now is cuddle on the couch and read a book (in particular Calvin and Hobbs)!

Ava, you are a beautiful little girl, inside and out.  You have a happy spirit and you are a joy to have in our home.  I love how you love to dance play with your little sisters.  I love that your favourite thing to do right now is to listen to a new story on your iPod and put together puzzles (you are a puzzle maniac, you know that right)!

Happy Birthday Oliver and Ava.  We sure love you both very much

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