Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Beautiful BC Morning

Jackson and I went for a walk this morning and I just wanted to share some of the pictures. Jackson got to pet a slug (which he gets a kick out of), eat blackberries (which grows like weeds here), play in the mud and splash in the puddles...a successful morning!


Jonathan and Rachel said...

Wow -- what a beautiful place! The kids are adorable. Looks like Jackson is definitely becoming a BIG boy -- Hope you're enjoying the fall! -- Rachel

Jeff Jeppsen Family said...

Jackson- Aunt Header wants you to come visit. You can bring your family too. We miss you. Don't get too big before we see you!

Wing & Alli said...

That third picture down . . . I thought you said Jackson was potty-trained?

Seriously, though, congrats to Jackson on graduating to undees. Hats off to Rach on that one, too. He's such a big boy now.