Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Our Little Canadian

Little Jackson really is half Canadian. He loves the different food here, specifically the chocolate. He gets a SMARTIE (M&M equivalent) every time he has success on the big boy toilet and it has worked like a charm. He loves the weather, which allows more "outside" time with dad and grandpa. He has even started to talk like a Canadian... Canadians seem to always end a statement with a question (ie: eh? or right?). Jackson especially talks "Canadian" when he is talking to his Grandpa Jackson. He says things like, "You like tractors, right? and I help you good in the garden, right?". He is such a cutie, eh!


Brad, Tracee and Brooks said...

Sorry I am commenting on every post, but I can't help it! Please have Jackson call me sometime so I can hear him speak Candian-how cute is that? We are fan of "your" kind of chocolate too thanks to you guys!

Becca, Brad, Jacob said...

Smarties are nothing like M&Ms (says a true Canadian!) and I love that Jackson says right (he should learn eh though to be a true Canadian)! Glad to hear you guys are doing well. (I got to your blog through the Liddles). Rebecca Jones (from Cleveland)

Wing & Alli said...


Tell me when he says, "We're moving out of this God-forsaken country someday, right?"


Jordana said...

Oh Canada, Oh Yeah! You're making me homesick! I love BC, and it looks like you guys are really enjoying it out there!