Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Diving Machine

Ok, jackson has a small (or rather large) obsession with diving and everything that goes with it. He loves watching the Planet Earth series particularly "Deep Ocean", "Shallow Seas", and "Caves" because these are the episodes where divers are present and they show what you can find while diving (ie, whales, fish, octopus, squid, sting rays, etc). He begs daily to "look up" diving stuff on the internet and he has been working for weeks to earn enough rocks (our reward system) to earn these puppies. He wears them just about as often as we will let him. Wednesday nights, when I go to our Young Women's activity and after the twins are down for the night, Jackson gets his "Diving Night". Jacob fills our rather large bathtub and full as he can and Jackson will "dive" for upwards of an hour an a half. He is really good at staying underneath the water and using his snorkel to breath. He has many sea animal toys that he dives with to make the experience even more real. His favorite part is that the tube has lights in it and changes the water color from clear to blue, green, red, and purple. Jacob will turn the lights out in the bathroom and Jackson "dives" to the lights from the deep sea, submarines, etc. He is such a hoot. He is forever looking for this summer when Grandpa Holt comes to visit. He has decided that Grandpa Holt will be his diving partner when he goes off the dock in Maple Bay. This kid doesn't even know how to swim yet, but he is ever so confident that he won't have the least bit of trouble. He tells me " I am a fast learner Mom, it won't be a problem". Love that kid.


Heather Jeppsen said...

Oh Jackson, you're too funny. Happy diving tonight!

Nakita Ellis said...

He is so funny! I agree with him, he is a fast learner, so learning to swim won't be a problem. :)