Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Silly kids

Usually after naps and a snack these guys get pretty goofy. It usually is displayed by running around like crazy people in the kitchen singing songs from Scripture Scouts (which I highly recommend, although watch-out, your kids will want to listen to it ALWAYS). Anyway, this day they just sat on the couch and laughed for about 5 minuets straight about who knows what. Too cute!


Heather Jeppsen said...

Yay for updates. I check everyday. I always say they're getting too big and I don't want to say it again, but they are. Stop growing or come visit. I guess we'll have to come visit.

Amy said...

K, so I love all these posts. Your kids are SO adorable!! I love that you caught them all laughing. What a priceless picture. I also love Jackson's fascination with diving :) He looks so grown up. Also, from what I can see in the pictures your new house looks beauitful. Hope all is well :) We miss you guys.

Becca Sue said...

These kids are way to cute together! They seem more like best friends than siblings! I wish Emily could come with me up there. I bet they would all have a blast!Miss you guys and can't wait to see you again! Love ya!