Sunday, July 15, 2012

The Master Room Closet

Before photo straight on (with sweet gwen, of course!)

My side of the closet, functional yet very unorganized (not to mention unsightly!)

After photo.  Jacob's side of the closet.

Closet straight on

My side of the closet with Jacob's tie "rack"

My side of the closet with my pumps peaking from behind (coolest part of the closet!)

What the back part of the closet looks like without the hanging clothes
So this is, hands down,  my favorite thing Jacob has built for us yet!  I LOVE this closet.  It is such a treat to get dressed every day.  I feel like I am in my own fancy store with every thing so well lit and organized.  Jacob designed the whole thing, I only gave him a couple of ideas of what I would like and he took it from there!  It turned out way better then I could have imagined.  He initially was not going to add any drawers in this closet, just cubbies (because drawers are harder to do and are way more time consuming), but he ended up putting in 20!  This closet space was also an odd shape and not symmetrical (which drives Jacob's OCD crazy) so because there was so much extra space on one side I got shoe shelves that will hold up to 60 pairs of shoes! (not that I actually own that many but now I have a good excuse, right?!


Becca Sue said...

Well done, Jacob! It looks beautiful. Can you move down here for about 6 months?!

The Coleman's said...

It looks amazing!! Seriously awesome!!!

Heather Jeppsen said...

Wow! Don't know what else to say. Becca, you're getting him for 3 weeks. You better have your project ready and then I'll think of a way to get him to stay longer and do one for me.

Alli said...

UNBELIEVABLE!!!! Jacob, you are amazing!

Becca Sue said...

Sounds like a plan, Heather. Sorry Jacob. Hope you didn't think you were coming down her for a vacation:)

Brooklyn Berry said...

Would you be willing to let me feature your DIY projects on my blog? I can't find your email so please let me know at hiretoinspire(at)