Friday, July 27, 2012

British Soccer Camp

Jackson in action

Team Argentina waiting for the next challenge

Proud Oliver

We signed the boys up for soccer camp this summer to give them a "taste" of what playing soccer was like before the regular season begins in the fall.  They both loved it very much and looked forward to every day this week.  The coaches were very enthusiastic and had cool british accents which the boys thought was pretty neat because they sounded just like the narrators of most of the stories they listen to at night.  Jackson was put an Team argentina and was his first real exposure of being on a team.  He was a great team player and it was fun to watch him work hard to win his team points.   This week was big for Oliver.  Not only was it his first time playing soccer but it was the first time he has got to do something like this without his sister with him.   He did awesome.  It was a crazy, busy (we spent a huge part of each day watching them play soccer), and fun week.  The boys are so looking forward to the regular soccer season this year!

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