Friday, September 7, 2012


Morning walk after a rainstorm.  A. MAZ. ING.

I seriously love it when they do this!

Stopping to watch the neighbors cows

Another one of our stops, the canal, which the kids decided looks just like chocolate milk river would from the book "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

Gwen with "white bear" (a constant companion) wearing half jammies, half outfit for the day.  LOVE it!

The boys doing "doughnuts" in the mud

Mud bogging at it's best...bummer of a shoe choice though!

One satisfied participant

Lucy and the smaller kids hung out with me in the Yukon while we waited our turn to ride, listening to the local country radio station.  Awesome.

Blowing out my candles (shhh, don't count the candles, we just used what we had hanging around the house).  
I had a fantastic birthday, and getting to spend it in Arizona made it even better.  The day started off early with our morning walk, but this morning in particular was gorgeous because it had just rained the night before (and Arizona is breathtaking after it rains)!  While walking we realized that it would be a great morning for 4-wheeling because of the mud the rain would create so we headed home and drove to the dugg-outs! Later,  I went to brunch with my sister Becca and my mom and then relaxed until that night when Jacob took me to my favorite local Mexican restaurant.  The kids would have been sorely disappointed if we didn't have cake and ice cream, so we had it before Jacob took me out, so we got to have dessert first and believe me, I had plenty of room for mexican food afterwards! We ended the night with a drive around the town via the back roads while playing country music on the radio (of course) which included driving by the Gila Valley temple which ended my day quite nicely!

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