Monday, September 3, 2012


Looking back here are many things in my childhood that brought me much happiness, but there is one activity that seems to be apart of many of my memories and that is riding 4-wheelers.  I guess you could blame it on my older brother Scotty and his obsession with these type of vehicles and since I looked up to him so dang much it was only natural that riding them would become a big part of me as well.  We covered a lot of "ridable" area in our part of the desert, but this piece of land was directly behind our house and so we spent a vast amount of our riding (and we rode a lot!) in this beautiful space.  Not bad eh?

I practically grew up in these "dug-outs".  Since I was riding 4-wheelers long before I was even riding a bike, this was something that I really wanted to do with my kids while they were still small.   It was a fabulous morning and Lucy was sleeping well, so Jackson and I decided to head out for a ride!  It was seriously awesome to be out there with Jackson.  Jacob told Jackson to watch out for me while we were riding and he did just that.  He wanted to go down all of the hills first to make sure it was safe for me and he made sure that I stayed clear of the barbed-wire fence too.  I was so much fun.  I honestly didn't think I could beat my old memories of this place, but I think this morning succeeded to do just that!

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