Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point

Cousin Nadia came to help out with the kids.  Life saver I'll tell ya!

While we were passing through Utah, on our way to Arizona, we had the chance to go the the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point.  We have driven by the museum about a million times and the kids always ask if we could go.  It just so happened that on the Tuesday that we were there, that they had 2 buck Tuesdays (it usually $10 per person) so we thought "why not?' Jacob was helping Auntie Emily and her family pack up her house for their move to Canada and I needed to find something to do with the kids so that we wouldn't be in the way.  We definitely were kept busy.  It was a neat museum and the kids loved the exhibits, but it was packed with young moms and thousands of kids (literally)!  We were shoulder to shoulder packed!  The kids didn't seem to mind that it was so busy and we were able to finally able to go to this museum...our mission was a success!

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