Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat 2012

We attended our ward's Trunk or Treat again this year and it was a major hit!  Since it was raining (it is always raining), the event was held inside the church building instead of the parking lot!  The girls were  thrilled because they didn't have to wear a coat over their costumes and the boys loved chasing and fighting with their friends in the gym.  We had hot chocolate and hot dogs and lots of candy!  The kids gave their substantial amount of  candy to the Candy Fairy that night, who offers to take your candy away in exchange for a cool gift ( This just so happens to be one of  my kids favorite part of this holiday)!   Happy Halloween you cute things, we are sure crazy about you!

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Nicole said...

They have such great costumes! Love the poses :) Miss them all! They are getting so big!